Tenant Handbook


In-suite Cleaning
Please refer to your Lease to determine if in-suite cleaning is provided. If a small cleaning problem should arise during business hours or if you have any questions or comments regarding cleaning services, please contact the Service Desk at (312) 527-6000.

Common Area Cleaning
Please report any common area spills or areas that need attention to the Service Desk at (312) 527-6000.

Authorized Cleaning Contractors
If in-suite cleaning is not provided in your lease and you wish to hire a third party, please find the attached Authorized Cleaning Contractor list.

Window/Storefront Cleaning
Exterior window cleaning and storefront glass will be cleaned three times per year (typically, March, June & September), unless otherwise specified in your Lease. If you would like to request additional cleaning, please contact the Service Desk at (312) 527-6000 for rates and scheduling.