Tenant Handbook

Service Desk / Service Portal

Our Service Portal allows tenants to submit requests electronically as well as manage users, track requests after submittal, receive building notifications/newsletters and receive work order invoices. To be added to the Service Portal please send an email with your contact information and requested permissions to propertymanager@themart.com.

If your company is already set up in the Service Portal, your system administrator can add or update users and their permissions. Contact propertymanager@themart.com with questions or issues.

Permissions in Angus include:

  • Administrator Access
  • Submit Requests
  • Subscribe to Announcements
  • Subscribe to Emergency Notices
  • Access Billing Reports
  • View Requests

If you have an emergency request or perfer to submit your work order directly to the Service Desk, please call (312) 527-6000 or email service@themart.com.