Tenant Handbook


We believe it is important to remind you of the procedures in place at THE Mart to ensure that our tenants and their visitors are prepared to act quickly and calmly in an emergency. 

Not every emergency situation requires evacuation. In case of fire, the Chicago Fire Department takes the lead in determining whether an evacuation is necessary. Because of the size of the Building and the fact that the Building is fully sprinklered, it is not usually recommended, and in fact discouraged for safety reasons, that the entire Building be evacuated for an isolated and contained fire. In other emergency situations, either the Chicago Police or Fire Department will advise you if the Building or a portion is being evacuated. 

  • Refer to emergency plans on your floor or contact the Security Office for a floor plan, which shows the stairway exits on your floor.
  • Please review the floor plan with your staff and post this floor plan in a prominent place in your space.
  • We recommend that each tenant and its employees physically find the four stairways that are closest to your space.
  • We suggest that a responsible person in each tenant space tell all new hires about the safety procedures and take them to the four closest stairways. Existing staff should be reminded of these procedures on a quarterly basis.
  • We encourage all of our tenants to develop their own evacuation procedures and to conduct fire drills. Please contact Security at (312) 527-7700 to share information concerning your procedures and coordinate scheduling of fire drills.